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Content Update Preview

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The latest Cat Goes Fishing update is now live, and it’s a big one! This update introduces a new fish, the Salmon, which can be found in the river biome. Along with the Salmon, a new fishing rod, the Salmon Rod, has been added. This rod is specifically designed for catching Salmon, and can be purchased from the Fisherman’s Shop.
In addition to the new fish and rod, a number of gameplay changes and fixes have been implemented in this update. For example, the “Fish Attractor” item now lasts for twice as long, and bait can now be placed in multiple fishing spots at the same time. A full list of changes can be found in the patch notes.
This update is a great addition to Cat Goes Fishing, and is sure to please both new and experienced players alike. Be sure to check it out today!
Here's the full list.

New Features:

  • Added a new fish type: The Greenfish.
  • Added a new bait type: The Bloodworm.
  • Added a new location: The Sunken City.
  • Added a new quest: The Fisherman's Challenge.
  • Added a new achievement: The Master Fisherman.